Travel Job Listing Benefits

Benefits of a Standard Travel Job Listing

30 Days
Your Job Listing will appear on the relevant Job Board page for 30 days
Easy of Use
A brief summary of the main features and requirements of the job. The user can find out more information or simply apply immediately
A maximum of 5 job ads per category* so your job never drops off the first page and gets lost amongst all the other Ads!
Your Job will be promoted to a community of over 50,000 travellers, teachers and potential employees
Ability to add your company logo to make your Job Ad stand out with your brand image
Urgent Listing
Ability to add an Urgent stamp to show potential candidates your desire to have you position filled as quickly as possible
Target Audience
Our site is dedicated to people who want to earn money and travel, or who are already ESL teachers and may want to explore other jobs abroad

Benefits of a Premium Travel Job Listing

You’ll get all the benefits of a Standard Job Listing, PLUS…
More Info Button
Ability to describe in detail all the Job Requirements and Benefits with no limitations on the amount of text, allowing you to sell it better to potential candidates
Ability to add photos and banner images to your job to bring your listing to life!
Email Marketing
We will market your Job Ad to our list of email subscribers for direct delivery to their inbox!
Paid Advertising
We will place targeted advertisements of your specific job on relevant social media groups (at our expense!)

*There will be a maximum of 5 job listings per travel category. If there are already 5 jobs listed in your category, then your job will be placed in a queue and automatically published when a place becomes available.

The ‘More Info’ button is only available for Premium Listings

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