So… we met you and gave you one of our cards…

Hi there!

We created this page specifically for all the fantastic people we meet who are interested in our lifestyle. We no doubt met you while walking our house sit dogs, having a beer in the pub or just exploring whatever part of the world we are staying in.

You can read a bit more about us here.

We love talking to people, and we can’t hide that we are Aussies, so the most common initial question we get is about why we are in some random town that isn’t usually on the tourist trail, and how long we are staying.

We would have then told you that we are house sitting, and that not only do we get to stay in a great location and look after cute animals… we get to do it for free!

Trusted House sitters - house sitting for digital nomads

And usually that is why you are here… because you are interested in house sitting!

I am sure we talked up why it is so amazing for both the house sitters and the home owners, but here are some reasons.

For house sitters the benefits include:

  • Being able to stay in the local community
  • Meeting new people and making lifelong friends
  • Longer stays in great locations
  • Having the comfort of a home away from home
  • Pets to enjoy the company
  • Free accommodation
  • Free utilities

For those offering their house the benefits include:

  • Having their pets stay in their own home
  • Dedicated care for their pets
  • Having their home lived in to reduce opportunistic crime
  • Having their home maintenance and gardens looked after

You can check out a couple of blogs we wrote about house sitting here…

Top Tips For House Sitters – Start Living the High Life For Free

$500 for Accommodation for 6 Months!

If you are interested in house sitting, we use and recommend Trusted House Sitters. It’s free to check out the site and to see all the amazing places you could be staying.

If you use the link here you will get 20% off your yearly membership fee. The cost is less than a night in a decent hotel… but you get the opportunity to stay in all sorts of amazing places, whether it is for a weekend away or a longer trip to somewhere tropical.

We may have also talked to you about how great Airbnb is! You can Find Out Why Airbnb is Airmazing!

If you sign up to Airbnb using this link you’ll get AU$55 off your first trip!! Not bad right??

Some of the other things we may have discussed are:

As I said we love to talk, so we could have discussed numerous other things with you, so if you have any other questions please get in contact!

If you’d like us to house sit for you and look after your fur babies let us know, if we gave you this card, chances are we loved your pets!

Otherwise, please take a look around Travel Everywhere. Earn Anywhere and enjoy!