Discover Why Teaching Online is Perfect for Life as a Digital Nomad!

Do you wish you had the freedom to travel but feel like you don’t have the money to do it?

Do you want to sell everything (or put it in storage) and hit that destination you’ve been dreaming of for years? Or you just want to quit your job and live a simpler life at home with the freedom to do what you want when you want? But you want guaranteed income while doing so?

Teaching English Online is the perfect job for you!

Teaching English Online is a job that almost any fluent English speaker can do, whether they work for a recognised company, or they start their own tutoring business. Find out how to Teach English Without a Degree? Discover how to start earning online, abroad or locally

Langkawi Beach for TESOL ESL Digital Nomads
Go to the beach, then head home to teach your online ESL lessons

These are the top 9 reasons why teaching English online is perfect for digital nomads!

1. If you are well presented, and have an energetic personality (or can fake it during class time) you are exactly the type of teacher clients and recruiters are looking for.

2. While a degree is highly regarded for recognised companies often if you have completed or at least started your TESOL certification, have a good resume and perform well in your introduction video you will be invited to an interview.

3. The TESOL certification required for teaching English is easy to attain and very reasonably priced. You don’t need to outlay a huge amount of money, and you can complete it while still working your other job.

4. You can choose your hours. This a huge plus for the flexibility of those wanting to be a digital nomad. Most recognised companies will give you a timetable that you can choose what hours will be working. Some companies offer up to 60 hours a week work if you are needing money urgently, others offer a minimum 10 hours a week. You will get to choose what days you work too. If you decide to run your own tutoring business, it opens up even more flexibility. You can just block off the times you aren’t interested in working.

5. The pay! Minimum wage in the US can be as low as US$8 an hour, in Australia A$18 an hour. So imagine being able to earn a minimum US$18 an hour without even having to leave your house by teaching English online! Most recognised companies offer incentives too, so many teachers are earning as much as US$26 an hour. That’s more an hour than I was earning at my professional job in Australia where I had to sit in traffic an hour every morning and then in the evening to get there and home.

6. You only need one good shirt, a smile, a laptop (some companies even use tablets and mobile phones) and decent internet. You don’t need many, if any resources or tools for the job.

7. You don’t have to have a special set of skills that have taken years to develop, while building contacts in your industry. You can get started applying for jobs as soon as you have written your ESL focused resume, and started your TESOL course.

Squirrel Friend - Malaysia - Penang
You could make new friends

8. It gives you the freedom to work on other dreams and goals. Want to be an Instagram star? Teaching English online means you can have money coming in while working on building your following. Have a goal to write and publish a book? What better way to earn money and have time to work on your book than to teach English online!

9. You can be literally anywhere in the world that has good internet service. You could be in the middle of the USA one week, and in the South of France the following week.

Do you need any more reasons to start teaching English online? Get your TESOL underway and start applying for online ESL jobs now!

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