The Best Online Jobs So You Can Work From… well… Wherever You Want!

If you want to live a life of freedom unrestrained by location or your boss, you must read this now!

Discover the Best Tips & Secrets to Traveling and Thriving as a Digital Nomad

So you want to have the freedom to work online whether that be from home or wherever home is while you are travelling the world. For many people, success is not about being rich and buying nice cars and clothes.

For these people success comes from not being tied down to one location, not having to sit in traffic for hours a day and not having to earn money for a company that is paying the CEOs huge amounts while disputing 2% pay rises for the plebs.

Most people can’t just up and leave their job because of bills and responsibilities BUT what if you could start planning for your escape? What if you could spend a couple hours a week for the next month or two learning new skills to start your new business?

What if you could then build your business in your spare time so that within months you are earning enough to QUIT your job?

It might seem like an unachievable dream.

But people are doing it every day. Even we are doing it! Yes we quit our jobs and took off overseas to see the world. Find out a bit about us here.

Teaching English as a Second Language Online (TESOL)

Did you know that with a TESOL certificate you can get paid to speak English online? As long as you have access to reliable internet you are good to go! Click here to find the some of the best teaching English as a Second Language online positions, you don’t even need a degree or experience (although they are preferred!).

Travel and Teach English Online from anywhere in the world

The Chinese market is huge and getting bigger all the time, so it is most likely you will be teaching Chinese kids between the ages of 4 and 15. However, there are some platforms that are focussed on adult English learners such as italki


Social Media -The best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

Do you love taking photos? Maybe you have an interest in family portraits or wedding photos. If you love animals perhaps animal photography is the thing for you. You can make money either by running your own photography business or by selling your images to stock photo companies, such as Dreamstime, StockPhoto and a whole range of others.

Even if you don’t think you’re a professional, there are ways to change that.

Digital Photography School provides all you need to know to go from photographer wannabe to professional where everyone will want to know your secrets. They have daily tips, resources and free tutorials.

If you are an absolute beginner they have several courses that will get you started and taking amazing images within weeks.

Once you have done some training, or if you already have some photography skills you can start to earn money immediately with Photography Jobs Online.

Copy Writing

Copywriting - One of the best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

Are you a great writer? Are you able to convey a message within a few short words? Then copy writing could be your way of working online when you want. Copywriters write content to market products and services over a range of mediums.

You could be working on brochures, websites, emails, billboards, magazine adverts… the list goes on. You don’t even need any qualifications for this gig, you just need a knack for writing good copy.

But if you want to learn the secrets to becoming a great copywriter and how to increase your opportunities from people in the know, then there are heaps of courses and eBooks to get you started (on a budget) if you check out Google.


Translation - One of the best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

Do you speak more than one language fluently? Have you ever thought this skill might be more useful than just eavesdropping on conversations where no one knows you speak their language?

The world really has become an international marketplace. There are so many opportunities to build your own business, using your language skills. Translation 101 will help you get started and learn what to expect. You can try gengo and translatorsbase when you are ready to start taking jobs.


Dropshipping - One of the best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

Dropshipping is an amazing opportunity to choose a niche you are interested in or have experience in, and start selling with not much time or money investment at all. And if you use Shopify you don’t even need to know how to build your own website! You can literally get started with your own drop shipping business in under a day.

Drop shipping basically means you have the website selling the goods but don’t have to actually have the goods on hand. You choose the products that you want in your online store and when someone purchases them, the drop shipping company (supplier) automatically sends out the product to your customer.

You just collect the money!

With Shopify this is even easier as they have a company they work with so you can just click on the products you want and they import directly to your store. No having to worry about different suppliers or even having to write descriptions or take photos.

There are a few other websites that provide similar services such as WooDropship who use the services and products from AliExpress, but we have found Shopify to be the easiest to use for absolute beginners.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing - One of the best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

Affiliate marketing is where you advertise and promote a business’s services or products, and when someone purchases it, you get a cut of the sale. There are so many affiliate marketing programs on the internet, there is sure to be something that appeals to you. Some of the bigger ones are Amazon and ClickBank

While affiliate marketing is entry level, you still need to have some skills to be successful. BUT they can be easily learned, which is great for you. Some of the best ones we’ve heard good reports from include Affilorama and the many courses available on Udemy.


Consulting - One of the best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

You probably have more expertise in some subjects than most people, so why not use it to your advantage? You can consult to those in business who have less experience, don’t have the time to implement actions or want an outside perspective of what is going on in the industry or within their business.

All you need to do is set up a website, some social media and use your experience and qualifications to help others make successes of their own business. Try they have very easy to build websites, for even the basic beginner. You can build it yourself without having to pay someone to build it for you!

There are also many online places you can promote your services including Freelancer, FiverrGuru & Upwork (formerly oDesk & Elance)

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing - One of the best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

Social media is huge as we all know. Most brands have well developed social media accounts that require regular posting and continual monitoring. And there are of course new businesses who are trying to get their name out there and build a following. Social media management is more than just going on to Facebook and making some posts or taking some cool photos, adding a filter and posting to Instagram.

It requires an understanding of not only what a business wants their customers to see, but also know what the audience actually wants. It can be learned in a really short amount of time though, making it perfect for those who want to quit their job soon.

So doing some courses in social media management is a good way to get started and build some trust for your customers. When you are ready to start taking on clients you can build yourself a website even if you have no prior experience to show off your services and skills.

To help you manage your social media clients you can use a social media scheduler like Loomly. There are many out there, but we find Loomly to be the most user friendly.

You can learn more about how to be a social media manager by signing up and taking a FREE course at

SEO Marketing / Internet Marketing

SEO/Internet Marketing - One of the best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, basically it helps get websites to the top pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Businesses want to have good SEO on their websites so they can beat their competitors on the page rankings and get more views of their website, and as such their products or services.

SEO is a skill that anyone can learn. You don’t have to be good with computers and you don’t have to be good with writing. There are heaps of online course that can help get you on your way to becoming an SEO superstar for very little investment. You can even sign up for free at and learn SEO!

Website Design

If you have a little bit of experience in building websites then this is definitely an option for you to be able to get out and quit your job. Most people have no idea about how to build a website, even when using basic templates, so this is a time for you to shine. There are thousands of courses available to help you get up to speed if you feel you need it, otherwise you can learn as you go.

You could even offer to do or GoDaddy websites for people who don’t have the time or inclination to do it themselves.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading - One of the best online jobs so you can work from wherever in the world you call home

Are you a grammar nazi? Do you constantly want to put red lines through social media posts? Do you have a way with the written word? Then proofreading and editing may be your ticket to freedom. Proofreading is checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, while editing is ensuring the piece flows, is coherent and gets the message across accurately.

While often no specific qualifications are needed, it is beneficial to have completed a course to show evidence to clients that you know what you are doing.

Once you are ready to start earning money Fiverr, Freelancer & Upwork are popular freelance sites to get work. Or you could start your own website or social media pages to get jobs.

…and Last But Not Least (drumroll please)


No, we haven’t forgotten this one! But since this is one of our online businesses, we’re going to dedicate an entire blog on that particular topic, so watch this space!

But in the mean time, check out (yes again!) as they have plenty of quick and easy videos and courses to get you started!

By all means, this is not a complete list just some of the many ways that people can work without having to clock-in and clock-out of a job every day and report to a boss.

You might choose one of online job to focus on, or you might choose to be like us  and do a few of them and have multiple online businesses, it’s entirely up to you. Some will take time before they start bringing in an income, while others can be setup and earning you some cash the same day.

We’d love to hear about what online job you decide to try!

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  1. I’m always looking for jobs that allow me to travel. I am constantly flying to both coasts multiple times a year and it really digs into a normal work schedule. This list can allow me to explore other options while I travel! Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Sue. We’re loving what we do and have to pinch ourselves everyday with the realisation that this is our life with no boss and an on-going adventure! We appreciate you following us on our journey

  2. According to a study by Softchoice, a whopping 85% of North American office workers expect their employers to provide technology that allows them to work from wherever they choose. Another 74% of employees said they would quit their jobs to work for an organization that would allow them to work remotely.

    1. Hi Jerry, an interesting article there thank you. Yes, we are certainly moving away from the society of having a traditional 9 to 5 job… we certainly don’t miss it!

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