Be a Great Candidate Before Your Resume Even Gets Read

Are you looking for an ESL job on social media? Here’s what you need to consider before you start applying.

Everyone who applies for a job is hoping they get it. They want their application to be read and for it to give them a real opportunity to secure the role. However many candidates are restricting their chances right from the start. I am not even talking about your resume being great or getting to the interview stage which is another matter in itself.

Modern Recruiting Has Changed

The face of recruiting has changed in the social media age, it’s quite common for positions to be advertised casually on a business’s or employees social media pages. This doesn’t mean though a candidate should apply just as casually, which can be quite common and already means the candidate may have made a poor impression.

Free Resume Appraisal

Make sure you read the post properly, if it provides an email for applications use the email and perhaps post a short note to say that you have emailed your application and look forward to hearing from them.

Don’t simply post ‘interested’ or ‘check out my profile for more info’. Ensure you use proper grammar and correct spelling. If you want the job, make an effort.

Don’t do what these applicants did!!

Answer all the questions!

Often online job applications require a lot of details to be filled out, it can be time consuming especially if you are applying for multiple jobs, but those questions are there for a reason. An employer needs to know as much about your skills, your background and other things relevant to the positions as possible especially if there are hundreds of applicants.

If you don’t fill in as much of your details as possible again you are restricting your chances of being considered for the role. There will always be others who provide all the information as asked and don’t need to be chased up.

Often candidates express that they are urgently looking for work yet often recruiters and schools are unable to offer them a position as they haven’t supplied all the relevant information in their job application. Recruiters would love to offer them something but if they don’t know if a candidate meets the basic requirements of the position they will just go on to the next candidate.

These simple things can put you in good standing before your resume even gets read!

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