9 Legit Online Jobs You Can Do With No Experience

Don’t think you can be a digital nomad because you don’t have the right experience? Fear not and read on!

You’ve decided you want to be a digital nomad but have no idea how you are going to earn money to live your dream. Well we have found 9 jobs for you that are perfect to get you started on your quest to become a digital nomad. The amazing thing about these 9 jobs are that: 

  1. They require no experience 
  2. They require easy to acquire qualifications or even none at all 
  3. The qualifications are either free or extremely budget friendly 
  4. As you prepare for quitting your job and becoming a digital nomad you can work these jobs on the side to build your experience, portfolio or client base 
  5. You can either work for yourself or get a job with a company for most of these types of jobs 

Even if you don’t want to become a digital nomad, but you just want to quit your day job and work online from home, these jobs are perfect for you too! 

So let’s get started… in no particular order. 

Teach English Online 

Teach English Online

Teaching English online is perfect for anyone who can speak English and has access to a reliable internet service. The most common roles currently require teaching children in China. It is a huge market and will only get bigger. And it has a very low entry barrier to find a job, you only need a TESOL Certificate which can be completed for a couple of hundred dollars and can be completed in under 2 weeks! Find out why teaching English online is perfect for life as a digital nomad. And the great thing is that you can either work for a company or start your own tutoring business, so all the profits are yours! 

Don’t speak English well enough, or speak another language?

You’ve still got options too! There are plenty of websites where you can teach other languages, and of course you can start your own language tutoring business too! 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is using social media to promote businesses, events, products, brands and websites using various social media platforms. It does require certain skills to be able to do it well so your customers keep coming back, but you don’t need a university degree and you can work with companies all over the world. It also has a very low cost of entry in that you can learn the skills within weeks for a couple of hundred dollars. You also have a range of options available to you to get clients, so you can work for yourself very easily, my marketing yourself on Fiverr and Freelancer. And you can use the skills you have developed to further increase your own business! 


Most people don’t even know what a copywriter is, and when they find out their first thought is ‘people get paid for that??’. Wait until those people find out how much a good copywriter can earn. Wait until you find out! Hold on to your hats guys… many copywriters can command up to $10 000 per campaign AND they often have no university degree or other real training either! Could this be your opportunity to earn big money? 

While you don’t need a degree or experience to get started, you probably need some ideas on how to write good copy and how to get your customers right? You can do a course for under $100 and complete it within weeks so you can start your digital nomad journey asap! 

We even have some top tips for copywriters, so watch this space

Instagram Account Manager 

Instagram Account Manager

We’ve already discussed social media manager but this is a little different and I believe one of the easiest and surest ways to start earning money almost immediately after completing a relatively cheap course, so you understand all the basics. One of the best things about focusing on Instagram is that soon enough you will become an expert and be able to leverage that experience and positive results for your clients into more money. By doing a short course you can learn all the tips and tricks, how to automate your work, what to outsource, what to charge, how to get clients and more. You’ll be getting your first clients within weeks. 

SEO Expert 

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, which is basically helping businesses get their websites to the top of search results when someone Googles something, so they are more likely to click on their link and get a sale. But don’t freak out thinking this is not the job for you because you have no idea about the internet and such things. SEO is something that can be learnt easily and is a job that is in high demand. You can work for yourself or work remotely for other companies. You don’t need formal qualifications and you don’t need experience. It is quite common for SEO experts to be self-taught so no one will care if all you have done is a couple of paid courses to get you started. What they care about is results, and in a short amount of time you will be able to get results increasing your opportunities and your pay rates! It is common for SEO experts to be earning $5000+ a month!  

Small Business Digital Marketing 

Small Business Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products, services, brands, businesses, people and many other things via digital services such as the internet, apps and phone services. The reason that creating a niche in small business works is because they know how to do their job or run their business, but they don’t know how to navigate new marketing techniques. Even simple things to implement such as Google My Business are completely out of reach to some business owners. Once you have the basics down you can start expanding your services and charging more! This is another career that doesn’t need any formal qualifications and you can get started doing a course to give you the basics. Think about how many small businesses there are around the world who want to get online and increase their market share. You could be part of that! 

Graphic Design 

This one is a little bit different because yes there are graphic designers who have slugged it out at college and spent a lot of time developing their skills, and they are great at it. But! There is a subset of graphic designers who can do the basics for small time customers and leave the more advanced stuff to the experts.  With the advent of easy access and tutorials to Photoshop, Canva and the like anyone can start doing the basics of graphic design. You can sell your services via the multitude of freelance websites such as on Fiverr and Freelancer.  

Content Mill Writer 

What is a content mill writer? Well some websites need hundreds of articles on various subjects to link to other websites as a way to build backlinks. So they find writers to write basic articles for them on the cheap. Usually pay is not very good when you look at it, sometimes only $0.03 to $0.05 a word, which sounds scary right? But most articles are between 500 and 650 words, require very basic research and you often also must find an image to go with it. However, if you are a fast typist and can get your ideas out very quickly, it is easy enough to complete an article in about an hour. If you can push an article out that quickly you will be earning US$15/hr at the lowest scale and shortest word count requirement to US$32.50/hr at the highest rate and longest word count requirement. That may not seem like a lot for some people but it’s more than working in a supermarket and you can do the work in your own time without having to deal with customers. Win/Win! You could earn over US$3000/month working 25 hours a week with this kind of work.  

Affiliate Marketing 

Is where you advertise someone else’s service or product and when a customer uses your link to purchase you get a percentage of the purchase price. There are so many companies that offer this now that you have the choice of what products you promote and how you promote them. Maybe you make a website and do reviews or share products with your followers on Instagram or Twitter. This is a super low barrier job to get into as you don’t need any technical skills, qualifications or much money to get started. While it does seem easy it is probably best to do a quick course or read an eBook to get started so you know all the tips and tricks to start earning money as soon as possible. 

Of course, we haven’t covered all the available jobs out there…. the list is endless, but these are some great ideas to get you started! 

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