6 ESL Textbooks to Help You, Help Your Students

Run out of ideas to teach in your classroom? Pick one of these books to help get your students talking!

1. The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual:

No textbooks, minimal equipment just fantastic lessons anywhere (Volume 1)

This book written by an English teacher who believes that teaching languages opens up a the world for people allowing them to earn money as they travel. The Ultimate Teaching ESL Manual is a complete English teaching system designed so that any native speaker (with TEFL experience or not) can pick up the book and start teaching.

Reviews include:

“This is a one-stop shop for preparing powerful classes that throws out the need for costly and confusing text books. I have found the insights into method especially useful in my work as a teacher and I would highly recommend that aspect.”

“Overall, this book is filled with valuable information for any ESL teacher, whether it is one who is new to teaching or one who wants to freshen up their teaching method.”

“This book will be a welcome addition to my lessons for the 2017/2018 school year”

2. Engaging College Students:

A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors

This multi-award winning book written by a lecturer with 15 years experience highlights 44 ways to help engage, motivate, inspire and encourage students. It is aimed at college students but teachers of all ages will find this book useful.

Reviews include:

“This book is exactly what it says it is. It is a guidebook for anyone who is currently an educator or anyone contemplating entering the profession.”

“I especially enjoyed his insights on employing the Socratic method in his learning environment (law) and how easily it adapts to Socratic lite in an undergraduate environment. His instructions are easy to follow and well-explained.”

“You won’t regret getting this book!”

3. The ESL / ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide:

Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools, and Activities for Teaching English Language Learners of All Levels

Written by experienced ESL teachers this book offers practical strategies for helping ESL students learn effectively so they can become proficient in the English language and overcome the barriers that ESL learners face. It has themed units that come with worksheets, lesson plans and sample assignments.

Reviews include:

“A good book for teachers of English as a Second Language. It is especially useful for relatively new teachers.”

“It is my new “go to” guide to demonstrate for teachers how to create easy and meaningful English Language Development strategies. Buy this book. You won’t be sorry.”

“Great activities and resources. Looking forward to using it more.”

4. ESL Classroom Games:

180 Educational Games and Activities for Teaching ESL/EFL Students (ESL Teaching Series – Volume 1)

The author of this book aims to bring fun to the ESL classroom by engaging the class with learning games that will enhance their confidence. It includes reading, writing, speaking and listening games.

Reviews include:

“It is always important for teachers to be flexible and this a very helpful resource and aid.”

“This book has already proven to be an excellent supplement to my classroom and reduced lesson planning time.”

“The games slot so easily and effectively into your lessons; and I really have noticed how engaged the students have become when I introduce them into proceedings.”

5. 50 Conversation Classes:

50 sets of conversation cards with an accompanying activity sheet containing vocabulary, idioms & grammar

These classes will get your students talking! They provide themed topics that will ensure students get the best out of your classes and encourage correct usage of idioms and grammar.

Reviews include:

“The format makes it a good ‘go to’ for times when conversation class or group preparation doesn’t get done.”

“The topics are relevant to an English learner: cars, business, eating out, travel, etc.”

“Really good book for teaching adults!”

6. ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults:

ESL games, fluency activities and grammar drills for EFL & ESL students

This book will give students confidence and help them remember new vocabulary and grammar with ease. It will help motivate students and help you as a teacher avoid some of the pitfalls that teachers new and old find in the classroom.

Reviews include:

“An invaluable tool for any ESOL teacher of adults.”

“Since so many resources are geared toward children, I really appreciate this resource geared toward teens and adults.”

“Wonderful book! I have been teaching ESL for 7 years, but this book has provided me additional ideas and resources that I cannot wait to put to use in a few months.”

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