$500 for Accommodation for 6 Months!

Not $500 a month, but total from August to February! Yes it’s true. See how we live in unbeatable locations.

Sunrise house sitting as a digital nomad in Wales
Sunrise from the garden in our Wales house sit

One of the biggest expenses of travelling is accommodation. It can be even harder when you are travelling long term and want to slow travel and really enjoy the locations you are visiting. If you are staying somewhere for three months it is unrealistic to stay in a hostel for that long. An Airbnb while great for 1 week to 1 month, can be cost prohibitive for longer stays for some people and getting a lease for such a short period of time can be impossible to arrange.

So how do we do it?

House sitting!

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This is absolutely a brag post.

But it could be you doing the same thing. You just need to join TrustedHouseSitters and find one for you, there are often more than 1800 house sits across the world available at any one time for you to choose from. Some range from just a few days, while some are as long as 6 months, sometimes even a year!

Tram Ride up the Great Orme for House sitting Digital Nomads
Catching the scenic tram back up the steep hill to our house sit

We have accommodation from August 2018 until February 2019 already booked. We will be staying in Wales, Portugal and France for free! Our only accommodation costs will be a couple of nights where we went camping before our Wales house sit started and a couple of nights we have planned on our road trips to get to the house sits.

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We estimate that will come in at under $500 but we will update in February!

Can you imagine telling people who ask where you are going next “Well we are in Portugal for two months, and then we have a month in the South of France”?

Or even better imagine telling them that the house you are staying at in Wales runs as a BnB in the high season and charges about £60 a night just for one room? And you have the whole house to yourself, you just have feed and walk the dogs? Well that is us!

Sunny Day Wales for House sitting digital nomads
Chris and Mupps taking selfies with a wind farm in the background

How about telling people the place you are looking after in Portugal is a spa/retreat and people pay £500 per person a week to stay there, but you are getting it all for free and only have to share it with a few gorgeous pets and nature? Again us on our next planned house sit.

You don’t even need to be going from country to country. Fancy a local weekend away just for a change of scenery? Want to take the family somewhere for the school holidays? House sitting is a real option for you.

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House Sitting in Bangkok

We spent six months in Penang which means we had to leave the country after 90 days to renew our visa. We weren’t sure where we were going to go but after applying for a last minute house sit in Thailand that location was determined by TrustedHouseSitters. We ended up spending 11 nights in a beautiful three bedroom home in a village in Bangkok.

Thai Lunch House sitting for digital nomads
Thai feast that the friendly neighbour brought to us

The homeowners are expats who teach English in Thai schools, and often head home to the US or explore the rest of South East Asia, so they were very experienced with dealing with house sitters, as were their pets. Because of flights we actually never met the homeowners! There was a neighbour there to meet us on our arrival and a lot of notes so we knew who needed feeding when and where everything was located in the house.

The house itself was in a well to do village with tree lined streets, posh houses and flash cars. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hardwood floors, air-conditioning and a fantastic patio for breakfasts and reading. It was about one kilometre to the shops and restaurants of the village, and most days Chris would ride the bicycle down to there and bring us home pad Thai for breakfast.

Pad Thai Breakfast four house sitting digital nomads
Authentic pad Thai for breakfast

We would take the dog for a walk after breakfast, then settle in for work for the day keeping the pets company and then in the evening enjoy a walk in to one of the amazing restaurants for dinner and a beer.

The neighbour who met us on our arrival, and her husband are locals, and extremely friendly and helpful. They lent us their scooter so we could go to the supermarket, they cooked us Chinese noodles from a family recipe and they even took us to the canal ferry so we could go into Bangkok city.

Bangkok Canal Ferry for house sitting digital nomads
Canal ferry to Bangkok

It really was a great place to experience the friendliness of the Thai people, and the deliciousness of the Thai food.

Wales… the story so far…

We have been in Wales now for over 2 months now and still can’t believe how incredibly lucky we are to be here, in this house, in this location, with these pets. The scenery here is truly breathtaking and we are still in awe of the views from the kitchen, our bedroom and the garden (which has several vantage points).

House sitting views for digital nomads
Morning cup of tea in the garden of our Wales house sit

The homeowner here goes away regularly and enjoys having the house sitters come in early for a few days to learn about the running of the house and about the dogs routine. In this case it was 4 days prior; however we planned to get to Wales a little sooner so the homeowner offered put us up for an extra 12 days! We did take 3 days to go camping in a local village which the homeowner kindly lent us all the camping gear we needed. And she even let us borrow her car!

House sitting Bedroom for digital nomads
Our bedroom for our Wales house sit

The homeowner was also generous to pick us up from the airport and then have dinner and a bottle of red wine awaiting us on our arrival at what would be our home for the following 12 weeks. The homeowner took us out to dinner (and paid) to a popular local pub one night, and also to her brothers restaurant for a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings, plus a few beers, for an extremely sizable discount (we paid less than half price!).

Walk the Dogs in Wales for our house sit as digital nomads
Walking the dogs

So far, so good here. The location is amazing, the house is beautiful and the pets are just delightful. They are all lovely and we are really enjoying having pets back in our lives again.

We will update further as the months progress with more tales to help you take the first step and start your house sitting adventure.

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  1. I love your blog and what you’re doing! My husband and I want to travel and explore too. I look forward to reading your story and learning from you.

    1. Thanks Debbie, really appreciate it. We’re certainly enjoying the lifestyle and excited with new adventures…wherever they’ll be! We highly recommend it and wish you the best with your travel dreams too

  2. Enjoying your blog! We are also on TrustedHousesitters and with them and another site and personal references, we have done 21 housesits at this point, all in the US, SE Asia and Australia. Next year we want to do the UK and Europe, so this is inspiring. Thanks!

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